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The Eat Clean Diet- Will It Work for You?

The Eat Clean Diet

This diet calls itself more than a diet, but a lifestyle way of eating.  It promises if followed you can reduce your weight, eat more healthy food, and therefore reach your optimum health.  We think there are many positives to this diet, in addition to some negatives, and point out how it pertains to the average person on a long-term weight loss program.  As per the banner, there is a wide amount of information on the Eat Clean Diet, including meal plans, books with glossy pictures, along with motivation tips and nutritional information.

Eat Clean Diet For Family & KidsWhat Works With the Eat Clean Diet

We agree to their general diet principles of diets that are abundant in plant food, which includes whole grains and lean protein and healthy organic fat.  Weight loss, their position is, would be attributed to 80% diet and 10% exercise, with hereditary factors comprising the final 10%.  We think that exercise definitely plays a bigger role.

A nutritious breakfast with lean protein and carbohydrates high in fiber will be a cornerstone of the diet.  The target in calorie content for every meal throughout the day is 200-300, including one complex carbohydrate including protein, and plenty of water every day.  A combination of weight training and cardio at least three times per week for 30 minute durations added to this diet, and you should lose weight.  These points we all agree with strongly.

And What Doesn’t Work With the Eat Clean Diet

All of the points covered above will be the foundation of practically every credible diet.  Additionally, completely eliminating sugar, Trans fat, preservatives as well as all artificial ingredients should be done by everyone. The part that we would disagree with the Eat Clean Diet is the total elimination of alcohol, except perhaps a once a week glass of red wine, foods “whose label ingredients you can’t pronounce”, and all saturated fats. And never eat in restaurants.  Because a lot of a particular food is bad, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is equally as bad when consumed in moderation.

We must exhibit more latitude and be allowed to on occasion get away from our diet, or merely people who are willing to put themselves through a lifestyle of a Spartan could keep this diet on a long-term basis.  Occasionally eating out  is a social experience, and to ask people to take that out of their lives is not feasible for many.  The reason we want a long, healthy life is not to have a long life of drudgery. Instead, we can still partake in those satisfying things in life through proper preparation, making wise choices and allowing ourselves a few indulgences.

If you eat out just because you hate to cook, get into the habit.  Personally, I couldn’t see myself cooking anything twenty years ago.  But once I got into it, there becomes certainly something satisfying to experimenting and creating healthy, but delicious dishes.  And you don’t have to be a chef to do it.  Or if cooking will never be your thing, there are many great meal delivery plansavailable (see our website  Regarding alcohol, there have been many studies showing that when consumed in moderation it can be cardio-protective.  The same for saturated fats: the body can handle them in moderation, but too much will be harmful to most people.

The Eat Clean Diet basically consists of nutrition-filled recipes, and they are presented in an easy to understand way.  We feel that it demands too much structure for most people, and that food should be fun as well as nutritious.  But if you look it over you will find many of its principles beneficial.


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