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Sample Meal Plans- There’s Something for Everyone

Check Out the Variety in Meal Plans

If you have been contemplating a home meal delivery service but don’t know quite where to start, let me share with you a few options with sample meal plans.  There are plans for high fiber diets, Mediterranean diets, healthy heart diets, low cholesterol diets, low carbohydrate diets, meals for vegetarians, low fat, low sodium and sugar, and plans for losing weight.   These diet plans fit every need, and the following are a few examples of these meal plans.

A Few Popular Sample Meal Plans from Diet-to-Go

Meals That Heal: A Nutraceutical Approach to Diet & Health

Meals That Heal: A Nutraceutical Approach to Diet & Health

Low-fat meal plan.

If you are looking for reduced carbohydrates in your meals, this would not be what you are looking for.  But if you are trying to reduce your intake of fat to reduce weight or lower your heart attack risk, this is a good plan.  This plan for breakfast could encompass waffles topped with ricotta-blueberry, and lunch might be a potato with cheese broccoli, along with balsamic tomatoes and yogurt with strawberries.  For dinner you could have chicken with pepper sauté and rice pilaf, fruit and salad.

High-fiber meal plan.

Fiber is great for digestion, and this plan would be the way to go to improve digestion.  This diet plan will make you feel more full for a longer time after eating, and will emphasize foods rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables.  A healthy breakfast might consist of cereal, milk that is nonfat, fruit and almonds.  A sample lunch could consist of a tuna salad, whole wheat crackers, carrot and some fruit.  For your final meal a beef and pepper sauté along with rice pilaf.  Fruit, whole wheat crackers along with cheese that is low-fat would top off the meal.

Heart-healthy meal plan.

This is an overall meal plan is designed for general heart health and high blood pressure.  Breakfast might include whole grain cereal, milk (nonfat, of course), and fruit.  Cuban rice and beans and spinach salad with fruit could be you lunch, and finally chicken grilled with sweet potato and vegetables, and for dessert or snack a low-fat muffin with herbal tea.

Wheat-free meal plan.

sample meal plans

Chart Your Sample Meal Plans

As just another example, there are plans for people that are sensitive to wheat, and need adequate substitutes for products that are wheat-based.  A breakfast with this plan could be eggs scrambled with rice cake and peanut butter.  Lunch with such a sample meal plan may be turkey taco salad along with tortilla chips and fruit, and dinner could be lemon pepper salmon with brown rice and a nice spinach salad.  The day could be topped off with a pineapple fruit shake.

If your desire is for a normal, standard cuisine there are great meal plans for that, or if you need a more specialized diet they can do that as well.  Look over these pages to find information on all sorts of diet plans, as well as why you should avoid crash diets that only offer quick fixes.   Delivered meals continue to get more sophisticated all the time, and now you will find the varieties of choices nearly endless.


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