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Moroccan Meals

Consider Trademark Moroccan Meals for a Diet Change

The mixing of rich spices and candy is the signature trademark of Moroccan meals. Spices such as cumin, coriander, saffron, chiles, dried ginger, cinnamon and paprika are the primary staples in all Moroccan homes. A favorite of this cooking is harissa, which is a paste of garlic, chiles, olive oil and salt.  It is used to intensify the taste of any bland food.

Moroccan food is characterized by a wide variety of dishes. Couscous is made from granular semolina, which is combined with spices, vegetables, nuts and raisins. It can be eaten on its own or mixed with meat like chicken, beef or lamb. Most popular is the lamb stew blend, with lamb being the most popular kind of meat. It is roasted and slowly cooked so that it is very tender and easily pulls apart in your hands.

Clay Earthenware Pots are Preferred for Cooking


An extremely common system of cooking is to use clay earthenware pots referred to as tagine. The meals produced are also called tagine and can be composed of meat or fish.  The majority of the dishes are combined with fruits and nuts. Standard food additions to any meal are: apricots, dates, figs, oranges and pomegranates.

Moroccan foods have a tendency to have a sweet savory taste. A typical meal starts with a cold or cooked salad. It is followed by a large pot or tagine of foods. Mixtures of meats or fish. Mint tea and fruits follow the meal.

It is tough to plan for a Moroccan marriage because most party halls can not prepare such ethnic dishes and they do not permit outside catering. You could be fortunate and find party halls which can prepare Middle Eastern food and therefore be able to accommodate the preparations of such food. If you can not, you need to make it a stipulation in your contract that you’re going to be permitted to bring in some special dishes into the hall.


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