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How to Look Younger in Under a Week, and You Can Do It

Who Doesn’t Want to Know How to Look Younger?

I’m sure everybody wants to look younger. If we had the key to how to look younger we would certainly rule the world. Even though genetics has much to do with it, how we conduct our lives plays a large part. If you really want to do what you can control, resolve to do these five things as part of your lifestyle and folks will say you appear many years younger.

5 Tips on How to Look Younger

365 Ways to Look - and Feel - Younger

365 Ways to Look – and Feel – Younger

1.  Sleep 8-9 hours each night. We could all do with obtaining a lot more sleep and most of us survive on six hours a night.   But this leaves us tired and lacking vitality, not to mention the bags below the eyes. We know that folks who really don’t get adequate rest are more overweight, endure a lot more heart disease and cancer, and tend to consume a lot more food throughout the day.  So there is something about deep rest that perhaps we really don’t fully realize.

In as little as a week you can look and really feel younger by getting a couple of additional hours a night. The bags will begin to go, your energy will enhance and you’ll notice folks looking at you thinking something about them has altered.  There is a strong link between sleep and exercise that you should know about.

2.  Drink a lot more water. Persistent dehydration is rife in the population as we survive on juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks – but what about plain old water? Did you know that your whole body is 70% water? If you are dehydrated your cells shrink and it is common to have dry skin, lackluster hair and be all round sluggish. Try out this tip over the course of a week and your skin will regain that glow, your vitality will increase and you’ll really feel excellent.

Multiply your body weight in kg by .04 and that will inform you how many liters of water you really should be drinking all through the day. Even so ease into it as if you go from drinking one liter of fluid a day to drinking two and a half.  Also attempt adding a pinch of salt to each liter you drink as this will help your kidneys absorb the water.

How to Look Younger

Plan Your Diet

3.  Vigorous exercise.  How to lose weight through exercise sounds obvious, but vigorous exercise will literally add many years to your life and try to get three or four workouts completed in the next week. It’s the endorphin release that comes with physical exercise that tends to make you look and really feel better. You’re not going to shed a lot of excess weight in a week, but by just starting to exercise and feeling better about yourself you will look and really feel younger.

4.  Dietary supplements.  Everyone take a multivitamin and antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium in a multivitamin help to protect your entire body from free radical injury. A person who has sun burn to the skin from too much sun bathing will have skin that is saggy and wrinkled.

It is the free radical injury to the skin from sunlight that causes this aging of the skin. By taking antioxidants in a multivitamin and minerals in your diet you can assist your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes and protect your skin. Taking a multivitamin can also help to give you more powerful and thicker nails and shinier hair which all adds up to looking younger.

5.  Reduce stress.  Tension is most likely one of the largest killers in the western society. This tension adds up to making your look older.  Basically employing some reducing stress tactics such as stretching, yoga, deep breathing – what ever works for you can lighten the burden on you and lead a a lot more centered and calmer outlook on daily life. This will all translate into how to look younger.


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