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Health Benefits of Quinoa

Why You Should Add Quinoa to Your Eating Plan

Quinoa is now one of those incredibly nutritious types of foods that have virtually no harmful side effects that everybody looking for any nutritious diet should explore.  I had my first dining experience with this tasty food on a recent visit to Portugal, and although I had heard about it I actually wanted to know more.  So we will go into the health benefits of quinoa,  that tasty grain-like product, and here is a little background information.


It originally had been grown for human consumption by the Incas within the Andean region of Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru 3000 to 4000 years ago.  It ranked second in importance to the potato with the diet for these civilizations, and with the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores had been banned from cultivation for a time.  The Spanish didn’t like it as a component of their indigenous non-Christian ceremonies.

Here Are Five Health Benefits of Quinoa

But fortunately it has survived, and allow me to share some of the ways we are able to benefit from it health-wise:

1.    Protein content.  Not as high (14% of mass) as most beans and legumes, it is nevertheless high.   It is known as a complete or whole protein, which means that it has adequate quantities of all nine of the essential amino acids with proper proportions.  Soybeans and quinoa are two of the only sources of vegetables with this category.  As a source of protein it will be an alternative to meat, eggs and dairy products.

2.    Calcium.  This would be interesting to those on a vegan diet or those who suffer lactose intolerant, as since it is gluten free and easy to digest for such people would have those issues.  Calcium can be missing within these diet programs, but is vital to strong bones and teeth, in addition to heart, nerve and muscle function.

3.    Dietary fiber.  It is really a low-cholesterol source of complex carbohydrates, and because of its fiber will be digested slowly, making you seem full over a longer time frame and preventing your insulin spikes.

4.    Iron.   Many people are iron-deficient, and a cup of cooked quinoa has 15 percent of the suggested every day allowance of iron.  This will be important for the delivery of oxygen, which gives an energy boost and keeps the mind sharp.

5.    Detoxification.  Unlike other grains like wheat, it’s gluten-free and thus is consumed with people who have digestive issues.  It will help keep the liver to eliminate wastes due to its folate and vitamin B.


Some Ways to Add Quinoa to Our Diet

So what are some of the matter-of-fact ways we are able to introduce this hidden gem into our diets?  You can find recipes for soups, stir fry, breads, salads, chowders, casseroles and cereals, and that’s to merely name a few.  It has a slightly nutty taste, but it really can be cooked up in several various ways.

When you buy it, it will be washed and have the saponin (or external casing, that is extremely bitter) detached, but it will always be recommended to rinse off whatever residue which potentially remains.  It looks like a grain, but is in reality a seed.  Its texture is quite distinctive, with some people comparing it with barley but also offers a light fluffiness.  Its most common color will be white, although can also be red or black.  Check out recipes on the internet for this good for your health product.



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