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Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic Will Give Us Food which Is Healthy, Tasty

We have known of the health benefits of garlic for centuries, and 100 years ago it was the antibiotic that was saving lives.  Only with the discovery in 1928 of penicillin did garlic play a secondary role.  Perhaps today we rely on the pharmacy too often, as we can use types of foods like garlic to avert many illnesses before they become major problems.

The sulphur-bearing compound allicin is what gives garlic its healing powers.  It has always been known to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, that will in turn offer safety from cardiovascular disease and strokes.  But more recently it is thought to battle body infections if used regularly.  That takes us to some of the most recent findings that indicate that it could substantially decrease the chance of a common cold, and if you pick one up your recuperation will be quicker.

The Health Benefits of Garlic, Mediterranean Style

Garlic and Garlic Cloves

The Mediterranean diet has long been known for its use of garlic, and most of us who love this cooking know what an addition to food it is.

There is the infamous garlic smell to deal with, and many individuals find the taste extremely overpowering.  Consequently once we include it with our cooking we will have to take this into account.  The initial tip will be to allow the allicin in the garlic to fully develop prior to adding into the cooking.  Cut or crush the garlic very fine, leave for ten minutes, then add it with what you’re cooking about five minutes prior to the conclusion.  This is just enough heat to convert the allicin in your dish into active compounds.

Here are a few other suggestions to consider while cooking using garlic:

1.    Sautéing garlic.  In no way burn it, as it will get virtually unusable because of its intensely bitter flavor.

2.    Garlic presses.  Provided you plan on doing a great deal of cooking using garlic, look to purchase one.  Pressed garlic will give a stronger flavor as opposed to chopped, and when kept inside a tightly sealed glass container it could be saved inside the refrigerator for months.  Merely place an unpeeled clove which has its green shoots removed into the cavity, press the handles together firmly while holding it above your container.

Garlic Press

3.    Garlic potency.  The more finely you cut or chop the garlic, the stronger will be the taste.  Not unlike grinding coffee, the greater exposure it has with the air surface, the more taste that may be emitted.

4.    Buying garlic.  While purchasing garlic keep away from those cloves that are soft or shriveled.

5.    Storage.  On no account refrigerate garlic cloves, however keep it cool and dry and out of the sun.  Stockpile it out in the open, as it requires air circulation.

6.    To remove the garlic odor from the hands, rinse them using fresh lemon juice, scrub them along with a small amount of salt and rinse in water that is cool.  Subsequent to eating garlic, make your breath fresh by chewing a fresh parsley sprig.

If you are just getting into using garlic as part of your cooking, you might want to begin using somewhat simple recipes.  Garlic bread, garlic roasted or garlic mashed potatoes could be the best way to start experimenting with before you incorporate it with more complex cooking.  There are actually dozens of wonderful recipes online for getting you initiated.






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