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Turning a Wonderful Meal into a Fantastic, Healthy Meal

Turning a Great Meal into a Fantastic, Healthy Meal

Perhaps you have looked at a ingredient listing for what sounds like a terrific meal, and then you realize the ingredients are not nearly as good for your health as you’d prefer.  Often the most delectable sounding meals are not the best when it comes to our liver.  Unnecessary quantities of sugar, fat and preservatives are not good for the liver, and one of the goals when deciding on ingredients for those delicious meals are to assist the liver’s vigor.  But there are easy ways to turn those foods into a fantastic, healthy meal.

Four Ways to make for a Fantastic, Healthy Meal


1.    Non-fat yogurt.  There are many ways you can use this nourishing food as a substitute for mayonnaise as well as sour cream.  As an alternative to sour cream for any salad dressing or dip, mix fat-free yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.  One-half cup of sour cream contains approximately 23 grams of fat compared with a half cup of fat-free yogurt.  This and low fat cottage cheese having roughly one gram of fat.

2.    Chicken breast.  Whenever you’re considering deli meats like ham, bologna, salami and similar deli meats, think chicken breasts.  A cup of salami has around 29 grams of fat, versus a couple of grams of fat for a cup of chicken that is boiled.  Add in the preservatives in deli meat which will be definitely terrible for your liver, and the chicken breast should always be an option over preservative, salt-laden deli-meats.  But remember that the lack of preservatives will lessen their shelf life.

3.    Ground turkey breast.  One of my preferred foods, turkey should be worked into your diet program a minimum of two times a week.  It can be substituted for beef in tacos, meatloaf, meatballs and burgers, and will save your liver from having to process a lot of excess fat.  Regular ground beef will contain as much as 30% fat, ground chuck 15-25%, and ground round and ground sirloin can have approximately 10% fat.  In comparison, ground turkey has only eight per cent fat, and when you opt for ground turkey only made from breast meat, it is possible to reduce that fat content to 1 percent.

4.    Applesauce.  This will be really an excellent substitute for sugar whenever you’re preparing baked recipes.  Due to the texture that is moist, the amount used can be reduced by about one-fourth cup than sugar in a normal baking recipes.  One cup of applesauce that is unsweetened has roughly 100 calories and 24 grams of sugar.  This compares to 770 calories and 200 grams of sugar in one cup of sugar.  You will need to test for quantities, but it will be a surprisingly healthy alternative for sugar.  And everyone appreciates how good for your health apples are.  Natural sweeteners that are present in fruits are healthier in your food than sugar, as they contain nutrients that sugar doesn’t.

We are certainly not suggesting here that these foods will never give a new flavor profile with your new innovation.  And because it’s not familiar to you, you might have the urge to give up and return to what’s familiar, even though you realize it’s not as good for your health.  This will be the time to stay the course.  If you are able to struggle through that early bit of discomfort, it won’t be long when your new, healthful food will be what your taste buds recognize as the norm.  So don’t give up, as your liver will thank you later.

Veggie Burger – Health Nuts from on Vimeo.

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