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Eating Out And Dieting

How to Combine Eating Out And Dieting

Just like most people around the world, you start a weight loss diet. That’s great, but what about when you go out with friends? Are you still capable of eating out and dieting when you head to your favorite restaurants?  There are steps you can take.


There’s no need to sacrifice your social life for your diet. Eating out isn’t bad and you can still enjoy going to restaurants even when you are trying to lose weight. Bear in mind though that you should stick to items on the menu that are healthy, while making sure that you control your portions.  That way you don’t over exceed your daily calorie intake.

Before You Go, Check Out the Restaurant Website

In fact these days every restaurant provides its own website. Before you go out to eat, look at the menu online and choose your healthy dishes. Even fast foods will have salads and soups. And you should avoid any dish that has been fried. The healthiest dishes that a person can have include baked, broiled, grilled, poached in addition to steamed food. Watch out for any dish that comes covered with high calorie sauces, cheese, butter and cream. And if you can, you may want to consider getting the sauce served in a different container.

In some restaurants you can even order off-menu items or make a special request for a dish that is healthier than the regular offerings. You may even find that you can order a dish to be altered slightly. For instance, there are certain restaurants that see people on a low carbohydrate diet ordering their hamburger patties on lettuce instead of the traditional bun.

What Dishes Should You be Looking to Order

The most popular food dish are salads. When ordering these try them with light salad dressing or balsamic vinegar compared to the fattening salad dressings.  Other good selections are:


1. Broth-based soups are incredibly low calorie healthy choices.

2. Steak is actually alright because it is a lean grilled meat. A steak order mixed with a salad can total a little over 500 calories.

3. Grilled chicken is much better than fried chicken.

4. For dessert, go for healthy fruit salads and low calorie offerings like frozen yogurt, sorbets, etc. instead of cakes and pies.

5. When it comes to buffets, you will quickly find that these are a major no-no. People on a diet will see that these offer too much temptation.

For people on a diet, it is important that you think about portion sizes. In most cases, restaurants will serve enormous portions that can mess up a person’s diet plan. In order to lose weight successfully, you will need to understand what the correct portion size is, and then only consume what your diet plans requires you to eat.

Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t starve yourself before going out in order to “save up” calories. In fact, you should eat a little before you go out so that you won’t arrive at the restaurant famished. After all, you don’t want to find yourself eating a huge amount of fattening and expensive restaurant food.

One good way to counteract the possible additional calories you will consume when eating out is to exercise more. This will quickly burn those added calories that you may have eaten.  In conclusion, you just need to choose good restaurants that have healthy food choices and pick the menu items that are in line with your healthy weight loss diet.

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