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Crash Diets That Work? Unforturnately Not for Long

The Effectiveness of Crash Diets

Are there crash diets that work?  The answer to that is that they can, but not really the way you would like them to.  So let me explain.  For a short period of time you can lose weight, but it is usually just water, and that quick weight loss will soon be a weight gain. If you try to turn that into a long-term thing, you will probably be getting into areas that very well may risk your health.  And the methods used by promoters of crash diets can have some less-than honorable methods.  Let’s examine a few.

What to Watch For When Searching Out Crash Diets That Work

If there is some “too good to be true” way of losing weight quick, it probably is.  Whatever the latest in-vogue quick weight reduction phenomenon is, they will be advertised to death.  Here are some things to look out for:

Tired of Diets? Hate Going to a Gym? Want to Lose Weight? Let''s Talk!

Tired of Diets? Hate Going to a Gym? Want to Lose Weight? Let”s Talk!

1. Complimentary trial offers. You will be told you can cancel when your billing cycle is up, but good luck with that. As part of the free trial, you will give out your bank number, but when you try to cancel, you may get some unsatisfactory explanation as to why they can’t cancel your order. We know that reputable companies don’t have to do this, but when you are dealing with quick-fix artists, they don’t plan to be around for long. Customer relations are not on the top of their list.

2. Bait and switch. You sign up for a promotional product, and some unrelated product with its own recurring billing plan shows up.

3. Check their email.  If you can’t find a business phone or an address, they probably are an outfit that is on the move and not to be dealt with

Sometimes details can be there, but often buried on page 13 with the fine print, which unless we are attorneys we don’t get around to reading.  Do a search for the company, and beware if nothing comes up. The Better Business Bureau can also be a good source.  If they aren’t listed, or have numerous complaints registered against them, avoid them at all costs.

Most businesses are in it for the long term and want happy customers.  And if they want to keep those customers they want take care of complaints and keep those customers happy.  Companies that are in it for the quick buck don’t really care about customers that aren’t happy, because when one quick-fix scheme has dried up, they’re on to the next.  It really is hard for the authorities to keep up with these guys.

How to Find Better Options to Those “Crash Diets That Work”

crash diets that workOur page on cheat on diet deals with how to take a long-term approach to dieting by incorporating small indulgences in our plan.  A meal plan called Diets-to-Go we promote not only for its quality and affordability, but also it’s versatility.  There are vegetarian and diabetic plans specifically tailored to the needs of people with special dietary requirements.  Foods from the Mediterranean is another benchmark for proper eating, and the great thing about these foods is that it is an approach to life through diet and exercise.

Just be aware of unreasonable guarantees, because anything as difficult as taking weight off will require hard work, discipline, and most of all patience to maintain a long-term approach.  Rather than looking for the quick-fix, look to change your entire life, starting with today.

I remember reading the testimonial from the doubting journalist who, upon trying the miracle product, within fifteen days did a 180 degree turn on the viability of the product.  I just shake my head to think how naive these salespeople must think we are.  Solid scientific testing is what we are looking for, and often even that will be called into question.  By taking the word of one person who supposedly tried the product and now is trying to sell it to us is absurd.



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