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Crash Diet Plans and Other Myths About Quick Weight Loss

Crash Diet Plans and Other Myths

Crash diet plans, the  three day diet plan,  along with other quick fix diets unfortunately will always be sold to us.  There are going to be unscrupulous individuals that look to make money on some new scheme, and then it goes out of style and something else comes along. If they worked they wouldn’t come and go so quickly, but they never do work long-term.

crash diet plansWhat we must look for to lose weight over the long term is a good diet and exercise program (Read more about it on the site). Perhaps we should think about it as not to always be committed to some diet, but of changing our way of life.  Living healthy yields so many psychological as well as physical benefits, but it doesn’t only happen at the dinner table.  It’s a way of thinking and acting with everything we do, and those are the thoughts we will try to leave our readers on these posts.

Why Crash Diet Plans Never Work Long-Term

With the over hyped ads on miracle products, some come with a bit of truth.  One of the latest examples of a product that seems to have advertisements everywhere is the acai berry products.  They promise major weight loss in thirty days, and all with just one little pill.

Now we know that the acai berry as a food is high in antioxidants, good fats as well as healthy fiber.  As compared to other berries it is similar in health benefits, and as part of your overall diet plan it’s great.  But a pill from the extract of one berry is not going to knock the pounds off, as the advertisements guarantee.  It would be nice if there were such a product, but hope won’t make it so.

So If Crash Diet Plans Don’t Work, What Does Work?

Why Diets Fail Us!: The Skinny on Weight Loss

Why Diets Fail Us!: The Skinny on Weight Loss

There are legitimate ways to lose weight, but they take discipline, some physical activity, and time and patience.  Getting into cooking your own meals can be fun, and rewarding.  You will have to understand ingredient labels, and do some research.  If you don’t have time to cook and are okay with leftovers, and for most dishes the quality does diminish on the second day, try cooking enough food for more than one day and put it in storage.

If you do love to cook or want to get into cooking, we would like to introduce you to foods from the Mediterranean.  They are foods based on ways of preparing delicious food in the most healthy ways, which is the Mediterranean way.  You will find some great ideas on this outstanding way of cooking, and as we noted earlier it is best not to get into a diet plan but a total healthy lifestyle.

Meals delivered to your door are another answer. For under $20 a day you can have the experts prepare and deliver three delicious meals a day.  All you have to do is choose a plan and start enjoying.  If your gone for a period of time, the service can be temporarily discontinued, and pick it up again upon your return.



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