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Cooking With Fresh Herbs

Cooking With Fresh Herbs On Your Grill

If you’re anything like me, you probably grill all summer long. When the weather starts to get warm, I enjoy to simply get out there and fire up my grill. Some people are simply tailgate grillers and other people are pool party grillers.  But I’m more of the intense grill every day kind of person. Due to the fact that I do it all the time and I such as to read through tips online and I enjoy food programs, I would consider myself rather knowledgeable about grilling. But I never ever realized that you can grill cooking with fresh herbs by putting them on top of the charcoal. Have a look at this video I found:.

Due to the fact that this was an idea that I had never ever heard of previously, I was really kind of doubtful at first. So I watched this video then went out and tried it on my own. I utilized chives and some rosemary to throw on my charcoal. Believe it or not it worked! The food had not been extremely seasoned, but it left just enough hint of chives and rosemary on my chicken to taste it.


Here’s another tip regarding herbs if you are just starting to use them: Store them by immersing them in one inch of water.  Cover them with plastic and refrigerate.  The shelf life of herbs can also be increased by placing them in a sealed plastic bag for up to six months.  They will turn quite dark but still will keep much of their original flavor.  Read more about cooking with herbs and spices at


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