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Obesity and Restaurant Eating

How Obesity and Restaurant Eating Are Linked

Eating out has become a tradition the past few years as more Americans bring their families out for meals. With that development there has been a link between obesity and restaurant eating in the nation. The penchant for fast food has led the industry to earn a spectacular $110 billion annually with the total number of fast food stores now hitting 160,000 in the entire nation. Every single day, 50 million Americans get served by these fast food shops, the report also added.  Besides that, it was revealed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that the calorie consumption from fast food and restaurants has risen to a third compared with three decades ago.

Here are the following reasons why eating out has become extensive: there are now more families with both parents working, longer travel time to and from work, more affordable fast food options, and less time to prepare meals at home. Eating out is usually an affordable option for many families even when the country’s  economy is not good.


How Eating Out Contributes to Weight Problems

Compared with dining at home, eating out tends to add to a person’s weight. The explanation for this is that many dining establishments serve bigger serving sizes, which typically contain more calories. A lot of eateries have been super-sizing their servings to entice more customers to take their meals at their establishments. Two decades ago, bagels had 140 calories and had a diameter of 3 inches. Today, it is now 6 inches and contains 350 calories.

It has been found that food options offered at many fast food locations and restaurants have a lot of calories in them. It is this calorie content that has paved the way for the development of obesity in a lot of individuals. Some of the most commonly used ingredients in fast food and restaurant meals include sugar, processed grains, high fructose corn syrup and trans fats. All these components have the ability to alter blood sugar composition that subsequently causes food energy to be stored instead of expended.


With the climb in the number of dining establishments serving larger portion sizes as well as the number of families opting to eat out, a considerable increase was also observed in the number of individuals diagnosed with obesity. As per a Journal of American Dietetic Association article, larger portion sizes and regular eating out led to the soaring rates of obesity in America today. The journal noted that women who consumed a lot of fast food meals typically have a lot more body fat and consumed more calories and fat as well. It was also indicated in a research study by the Temple University that people who ate more at fast food shops weigh considerably more and have BMIs that are significantly higher.

Figures have also indicated that there is a noticeable growth in the number of kids who have been diagnosed as having a form of obesity. The rates of obesity in preschool children aged 2 to 5 years old have more than doubled, the same with adolescents aged 12 to 19 years old. In kids aged 6 to 11 years, the figures have more than tripled. There are around 9 million children over 6 years of age who have been clinically determined to be obese, and fifteen percent of them are at risk of becoming overweight.

Controlling Obesity and Restaurant Eating

An elementary approach to this issue involves buying less from fast food shops and to minimize instances of eating out. An improved diet should also be accompanied with the habit of engaging in various activities that require physical effort to help the body expend energy rather than store it. Nutritional supplements like Garcinia supplements have also been found useful in enhancing metabolic rate in those who regularly workout which encourages a loss in fat.

Together with boosting diet and undertaking exercises, a supplement like Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss is also productive for the body. Its natural components are not just beneficial for the body with respect to shedding weight. It also offers advantages to the weight loss approach as it helps in better hunger control and less cravings. With the assistance of improved nutritional habits and much better weight management technique, the obesity rates can be significantly reduced, helping people to bypass the consequences.

Bloomberg’s Ban On Sugary Drinks – BTR Pulse [ep79] from BTRtv /// BreakThru Radio on Vimeo.

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