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Healthy Foods

Lose Weight Eating Eggs

Can Eating Eggs Help You to Lose Weight?

With all the negatives about eggs that we’ve heard, can you really lose weight eating eggs?  Eating eggs has many benefits including weight reduction.  Even though hard-boiled eggs are probably the most healthy, any way you cook eggs can be made healthy. Check out how you can use Eggies for a more practical cooking of hard-boiled eggs.  Point being, don’t eliminate eggs because of some half-baked research that don’t take all factors into account.


Lose Weight Eating Eggs in these Ways

1. Lean Muscle.  In some diet plans some of the weight lost is the decrease of lean muscle tissue. In an ideal diet scenario this would not take place. Leucine is one amino acid that can be found in eggs that functions to prevent lean muscle loss. In essence this amino acid builds muscle tissues, minimizes fat and aids in using blood glucose for power.  The wonderful up-shoot of this is the weight does come off in other regions.

2. Excess fat loss.  Let us go back to the advantages brought by leucine. The good quality amino acid that can be found in eggs can help in any kind of diet plan for losing weight.

3. Glucose stabelization.  One of the greatest threats to people is the ever-increasing threat for the development of diabetes. The use of eggs is regarded as a good stabilizer of glucose (blood sugar) and may possibly be useful in avoiding the possibility for diabetes.

Other Excess fat Reduction Factors

Eggs are a great protein foods that delivers enhanced satiety, which means that you feel full and eat less. Since eggs are considered morning food they are particularly helpful in beginning the day with power and completeness. The result is a metabolism that uses up energy even more effectively while permitting lean muscle mass to be maintained, and excess body fat to be burns as saved fuel. Egg whites offer the highest concentration of protein.

Studies indicate it is probable to eat 400 calories much less per day if you begin by eating eggs. The overall satiety rate makes it possible for you to eat much less and shed up to 2 pounds month to month – even without working out. Obviously by exercising, especially intense exercise, will even give you better results.  The caloric content of one egg is about 80 or less.





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Honey in your Food Plan

Reasons to Work Honey in Your Food Plan

When exploring balanced diet options, it is always preferable to seek out naturally occurring and not chemically created foods.  Often these kinds of foods have already been around for many centuries, and despite the fact that folks in the ancient world may not have completely fully understood just why certain foods aided their health, they understood the outcomes.  These days we seem to have overlooked much of the health benefits of those natural foods, and it’s a good reason to try to include natural foods like honey in your food plan.

Three Great Reasons to Eat Honey

1.    Delivers the high-quality bacteria.  Liver health is critical to overall health, and a healthy liver relies upon well-balanced gut bacteria.  Honey has been found to assist to maintain our good bacteria levels.  Raw honey contains ten different species of bacteria which can be essential for maintaining liver overall health.  All it requires is a little bit of honey to assist in maintaining a good balance of gut bacteria.


2.    An excellent antioxidant.  Antioxidant stress reduction is valuable for all cells within the body, but honey has been seen to not only assist in fending off liver cell injury but in fatty liver issues.  This really is due to the important lipid reducing effects shown by honey.  Fatty liver condition is becoming more common among people consuming the standard western diet program, and it is frequently a precursor for further liver issues.

Honey’s antioxidants are actually owing to its polyphenols, a variety of antioxidant.  The leading origin of polyphenols will be relating to diet and is likely found in a number of plant foods.  Bee pollen, of which honey originates, is rich in this potent antioxidant.

3.    Managing blood sugar.  Honey contains a nearly identical ratio with glucose and fructose, and that is  needed for providing adequate glycogen storage in the cells of the liver.  Impaired glucose metabolism may be the result of the release of stress human hormones which might be generated by insufficient glycogen storage.  Promoting better blood sugar levels often for at least a lot of people can manage fatty liver disease issues as well as factors leading to insulin resistance.


How to Get Honey into Your Diet

There are some good ways to integrate honey into your diet, but keep in mind that it will be primarily sugar.  And we are very mindful that sugar might lead to health issues, so always take your honey in moderation.  But done properly, which can include combining it with herbal tea, and honey’s minerals and enzymes will raise the efficiency of the herbs it’s blended with.  Or mix powdered herbs and honey into a gel and take a teaspoon of this combination internally.

In case you are ill, an excellent naturally occurring healer is raw garlic and a teaspoon of honey.  The healing power of garlic and honey is a wonderful way to fight the germs which have been causing you problems.  Or including it with peanut butter brings out the best in both, and it tastes great as well.

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