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Best Time for Dinner

What’s the Best Time for Dinner to Lose Weight?

It is said that at what time you eat your foods is not going to make a difference to lose weight.  They state it’s all in relation to calories consumed as well as calories burned, and it does not matter the time of day you devour them.  But if it were merely this plus/minus proposition, then it will be straightforward as to how to lose weight.  But there are many more factors which come into play, and one is knowing the best time for dinner can really help with weight control.

Reasons Why Dinner Time Is Important

1.    People who eat later tend to eat more.  This probably stands to reason, as the more time throughout a day an individual eats, the more he may eat, along with the more calories he will devour.  If someone eats his final big meal at four or five in the afternoon, he probably will not feel the hunger pangs until shortly before bedtime.  By adding in a good low-fat small snack to get you through the night if you need it and you ought to be able to slash into your caloric consumption.


2.    Intermittent fasting.  There are scientific studies to demonstrate that if you can keep away from eating for more than eight hours, your cells run out of glycogen produced from your last meal.  At this time you start using your stored fat, which obviously means you start burning off the pounds.  So, let’s say you can finish your final meal for the day at 4PM and not consume breakfast until 7AM, or fifteen hours later, theoretically then your cells ought to be using surplus fat for about seven hours.

The latest analysis that sheds some light on the benefits of intermittent fasting comes from tests on mice.  It was discovered that mice fed a higher-fat diet added less weight when fasting for 16 hours in comparison to mice who had been able to eat a similar amount when they wanted.  Since we are advised by numerous diet experts that consuming smaller meals is better than gorging ourselves less often, possibly the ticket is to eat smaller meals in the course of the day, then stop eating in late afternoon.


3.    Better sleep.  For many individuals, sleeping with a full stomach or after consuming the wrong things before bedtime will make for a poor night’s sleep, as will exercising before bedtime.  I do know  some people who drink an extra glass of wine or two a little too late in the evening pay for it with restless sleep a couple or three hours into the night’s sleep.  By the way, research workers have determined that alcohol-linked sleep problems will be worse for women as opposed to men.

4.    Keeping triglyceride levels in check.  When people eat late, they increase their triglyceride levels, which is the fat found in the blood.  High levels of those are believed to increase your danger for stroke and heart attack.

Consequently it might seem on the surface that if you eat a similar quantity of calories, it may not matter the time of day that you consume them.  However you will find a number of other issues involved, like how eating influences sleep.  Different people are going to react differently, but it certainly is something we should all examine for our own health. The payback from intermittent fasting is something that we don’t fully understand, but on the surface does seem logical.  More testing hopefully will tell us a great deal more.


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