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Rich Carroll

How to Use a Garlic Press

Peeling garlic cloves can be a hassle, but with this video we will show you how easy it is to get your minced garlic using this handy garlic press.

Alternate Day Fasting

What you ought to Consider for Alternate Day Fasting

Fasting is now being considered as one of the better techniques for many people to shed weight. There are a few diverse ways that you are able to effectively fast, and it’s most likely better left for the individual to discover a way that works good for them. Given that compliance, or being with a program that one can cope with across a period of time, is necessary, it is rather challenging to claim that a way of fasting is the best way for everyone.   But in this article we will discuss alternate day fasting, which for some if they can get through some of the initial transition can be a great way to burn fat.

The First Challenge Is to Get Past the Initial Phase

Based on just how insulin resistant you happen to be along with other issues such as weight, levels of cholesterol, blood pressure levels and exactly how compliant you’ll be when using the plan, the entire process may take as few as 7 days or considerably more time. A small percentage of folks may exhibit headaches initially, but the biggest difficulty people will have is the frequent feeling of hunger.


This transition is usually that painful time it is going to take for the system to change from burning sugar as its principal fuel source to burning fat. Sugar burns fast, and once the fast burning energy runs out the body wants more. In the event it doesn’t get it, the system will finally go to its fat stores.  You get over that transition when the body recognizes any short-term fix that it has always come to count on is not there.

Another issue to overcome is we become accustomed to eating something from habit, and at first it will take some resolve to merely break that long-established routine.

Steps to take During the Transition Period

1.    Take it small steps at a time. I know in my case during my fast day I will eat just one small meal of an assortment of vegetables and normally a chicken breast or fish. The most difficult period for me would be the times when I would normally eat during that day. If I will get past those occasions I am frequently good for two or three hours.

By basically postponing that one meal which I’m planning to have when I feel those food craving, taking it with little steps at a stretch before I know it it is five or 6 o’clock at the later part of the day and basically time to eat. If I don’t snack I’ve managed to get the day.

2.    Down water as a food replacement. People will often confuse hunger with thirst, therefore by drinking water rather than consuming food you’ll be satisfying both. Bear in mind while you fast you can consume as much water as you like, so with water in the stomach will at least make you feel something is there.

3.    Stay clear of food products advertisements. They say as many as 60% of all advertisements are about food, and they’re designed to tempt your appetite for them. You may have to stay away from viewing television for these critical times to minimize the risk of your mind away from being swamped with one of these cunning enticers.

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Shelling Boiled Eggs

Encountering Difficulties Shelling Boiled Eggs- Read this

Health professionals through the years have gone back and forth deciding if eggs are truly healthy for us. We are at this time getting used to the reality that eggs aren’t simply nourishing, but they are really great for your cardiovascular health. The research is clear now that eggs actually are among the healthiest foods we can eat, as they can truly protect against illness, along with diseases of the heart. Like all healthy food it is possible to overdo it, yet a couple of eggs a day for many aren’t excessive, and they are a great source of nutrients.  But shelling boiled eggs can often be an adventure, and that is what we will mainly discuss in this article.

First, what Is the Healthiest Way to Prepare Eggs

But exactly what are the healthiest ways to consume this delicious early morning meal food or snack? Nutrition experts are going to say that the least cooked the eggs are the better they will be for you. So with the issue of salmonella disregarded, (and it is something to consider) raw eggs would be the most healthy. That probably isn’t a choice for many, therefore soft-boiled would be better when compared with hard-boiled, and poached or over easy would be better compared to eggs which have been well done.

Easy Peel Vs. Hard Peel

Another concern that needs to be taken into account when preparing eggs is exactly what goes with them. Eggs by themselves are certainly healthy, but whatever it is that you use to prepare them in, such as large amounts of bacon grease or excessive table salt, can turn them into something that will be less than healthy. As a result eating a soft-boiled egg on it’s own or with a healthy salad is perhaps the healthiest path to take.

Some Tips on Shelling Boiled Eggs

One of the frustrating things about eating eggs that have been cooked from boiling is trying to peel them. I’ve never fully understood the reason some eggs I’ll be able to peel so effortlessly while others you wind up sacrificing half the egg within the peeling process. So here are a few tips that could help ease some of such frustration.


1. Use older eggs. Eggs which are a couple of weeks old or more typically are going to peel easier versus if they’re fresh.

2. Put the egg in water at the boiling point. That egg white is going to bond more firmly to the membrane layer within the egg shell whenever the eggs get cooked slower. Introducing a cool egg into the boiling water prevents this from occurring.

3. Following that first temperature shock, shut the heat down. That will allow the eggs to cook at a reduced rate, which should let the yolks to cook prior to the egg whites turning out to be overcooked, and thus rubbery.

4. Prior to peeling refrigerate to chill your eggs. If the egg is cooler its structure should be more firm, and as an egg shell is taken away those deep craters will not be made in the egg whites. Leaving in a fridge overnight ahead of peeling should also assist.

5. Crack your egg shell throughout and peel under running water. Gently breaking up a shell into smaller pieces prevents more of the egg to attach itself to the white surface. The chilly running water helps to keep the surface of the egg firm.

These would be only a few tips to help with keeping your boiled egg undamaged when peeling. I’ve found they really do work in basically all cases, nevertheless for some reason often there are eggs which will always be difficult. That however should not stop us from making eggs a staple in what we eat.

Cooking With Fresh Herbs

Cooking With Fresh Herbs On Your Grill

If you’re anything like me, you probably grill all summer long. When the weather starts to get warm, I enjoy to simply get out there and fire up my grill. Some people are simply tailgate grillers and other people are pool party grillers.  But I’m more of the intense grill every day kind of person. Due to the fact that I do it all the time and I such as to read through tips online and I enjoy food programs, I would consider myself rather knowledgeable about grilling. But I never ever realized that you can grill cooking with fresh herbs by putting them on top of the charcoal. Have a look at this video I found:.

Due to the fact that this was an idea that I had never ever heard of previously, I was really kind of doubtful at first. So I watched this video then went out and tried it on my own. I utilized chives and some rosemary to throw on my charcoal. Believe it or not it worked! The food had not been extremely seasoned, but it left just enough hint of chives and rosemary on my chicken to taste it.


Here’s another tip regarding herbs if you are just starting to use them: Store them by immersing them in one inch of water.  Cover them with plastic and refrigerate.  The shelf life of herbs can also be increased by placing them in a sealed plastic bag for up to six months.  They will turn quite dark but still will keep much of their original flavor.  Read more about cooking with herbs and spices at


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Benefits of Spices

Healthy Benefits of Spices In Addition to Taste

We all know that spices boost the flavors for cooking, as our articles on the Mediterranean diet will certainly bear out. But the benefits of spices don’t stop there. Now there is added good news on the subject of spices: they probably thwart disease and illness. Even though they’re usually used in insignificant quantities, they will be important in preventing ailments.

The Health Benefits of Spices Has Been Cultural in Nature


India is by far the leading producer of spices. The significance put on herbs and spices has traditionally been to some extent cultural, as those societies which have always cultivated spices had been using them in their cooking for centuries. They’ve also for a long time been aware of their health benefits, and while we still don’t have definite scientific assessments to support spices as ailment-curers, people living in these cultures will swear by them.

There does exist additional confirmation to support their health benefit, while not scientific, is that the cuisine of the Indian diet is free of certain health issues. When they move and eat a diet found in Western cultures that isn’t nearly as rich in their native spices, they take on many of the ailments associated with those Western cultures.

Health Benefits of Spices in Aiding Liver Performance

1. Turmeric. The major usefulness for this spice has been its potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. The compound in turmeric, curcumin, contains an extended list of health advantages, for example relieving pain, perhaps managing heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetic issues, plus inhibiting tumor cell growth. This genuine wonder spice can also be a natural liver detoxifier, and should be regularly included in everyone’s diet.

2. Cinnamon. Scientific studies have shown for many individuals cinnamon manages blood sugar in type 2 diabetics through reducing after-meal sugar spikes within the blood.

3. Chili Peppers. Studies have revealed they boost metabolism, and with those wishing to lose pounds which is reason enough to have them within the diet plan. Plus they are thought to release endorphins within the brain, making us feel better.

Cooking with Spices Cooking with Spices

Finally, have you ever wondered what the difference was from a herb as well as a spice? Generally speaking, if the flavor or aroma from a food arrives from a leaf of vegetation, in that case it’s an herb. Examples of herbs would be cilantro, basil, oregano and bay leaves. When it comes from anywhere else, like the seed, fruit, buds, stem, roots, bark or berry of a vegetation or tree then it will be a spice. Examples of spices will be cloves, black pepper, cumin and nutmeg, to name merely a few.

Spices and herbs will certainly continue to be seen for their health advantages, especially as additional scientific analysis uncovers what for some folks have been mysterious and exotic. The health benefits of spices are becoming better known through scientific research, and whenever it pertains to these wonder foods, what’s not to love. When employed correctly they make cooking taste great without any side effects on our bodies. Add health to the explanations why we should incorporate them within healtheybalanceddiet.


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Moroccan Meals

Consider Trademark Moroccan Meals for a Diet Change

The mixing of rich spices and candy is the signature trademark of Moroccan meals. Spices such as cumin, coriander, saffron, chiles, dried ginger, cinnamon and paprika are the primary staples in all Moroccan homes. A favorite of this cooking is harissa, which is a paste of garlic, chiles, olive oil and salt.  It is used to intensify the taste of any bland food.

Moroccan food is characterized by a wide variety of dishes. Couscous is made from granular semolina, which is combined with spices, vegetables, nuts and raisins. It can be eaten on its own or mixed with meat like chicken, beef or lamb. Most popular is the lamb stew blend, with lamb being the most popular kind of meat. It is roasted and slowly cooked so that it is very tender and easily pulls apart in your hands.

Clay Earthenware Pots are Preferred for Cooking


An extremely common system of cooking is to use clay earthenware pots referred to as tagine. The meals produced are also called tagine and can be composed of meat or fish.  The majority of the dishes are combined with fruits and nuts. Standard food additions to any meal are: apricots, dates, figs, oranges and pomegranates.

Moroccan foods have a tendency to have a sweet savory taste. A typical meal starts with a cold or cooked salad. It is followed by a large pot or tagine of foods. Mixtures of meats or fish. Mint tea and fruits follow the meal.

It is tough to plan for a Moroccan marriage because most party halls can not prepare such ethnic dishes and they do not permit outside catering. You could be fortunate and find party halls which can prepare Middle Eastern food and therefore be able to accommodate the preparations of such food. If you can not, you need to make it a stipulation in your contract that you’re going to be permitted to bring in some special dishes into the hall.


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Greek Salad Recipes

The Foods that Will Go Into a Greek Salad 

When putting together your favorite Greek salad recipes, certain elements are essential for the dish.  These includes green bell peppers, red onion, pieces of tomato, cubed or sliced feta cheese in addition to Kalamata olives.  It will be seasoned using salt and dried oregano, plus the dressing will be olive oil.  This will be the authentic Greek salad, and as with all home regional dishes includes just those materials locally harvested or produced.

But as Greek restaurants and thus Greek cuisine have taken on a world-wide aspect, differences have developed from the authentic Greek salad.  In North America, the United Kingdom and Australia lettuce is going to be the foundation ingredient with Greek-influenced veggies as well as certainly feta cheese as the standard.  Additional items may very well be radishes, anchovies or sardines, and the salad might be topped using prepared dressings with an assortment of herbs and seasonings as opposed to the standard olive oil.  Other European countries could have their unique variety of a Greek salad with regards to different degrees of authenticity to the original Greek variety.

Greek Salad Recipes along with Greek Cooking Is Nutritious

Many people who are informed about Greek cooking know that it’s delectable, and similar to its counterparts throughout the Mediterranean we have been told of the good health values.  The majority of the types of foods will fit into the category of liver-healthy foods.  It’s always plant structured but it really also is quite elevated in fat.  Feta cheese, a principal within much of the Greek food intake, is quite high in fat, but it is in addition a great source of calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus and vitamin B12.  It is produced using sheep milk, or a (as much as 30%) mixture of goat’s milk, and will be a brined curd cheese.  But compared to your processed cheese we find when shopping, feta will be a much better choice healthiness wise.

Delicious Greek Salad

The same will go for one more staple in Greek salads and Greek cooking: olive oil.  It really is fat, but a healthy fat if it will be used in moderation and is going to be a healthful part of our diet.  In the Greek food regimen it will be used extensively over butter or, fortunately, margarine.  And those Greek olives, or kalamata olives, constitutes a significant part for your diet, and their naturally salty taste is healthier than putting sodium on your food.

Plus they don’t finish without desserts, and they are quite sweet and tasty.  But instead of using sugar to give desserts their sweet experience they’ll use fruit and many times honey.  The following video is a recipe that is a quick, easy example of a Greek salad, which furthermore is a great example of Greek cuisine. Videos

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Crash Diet Plans and Other Myths About Quick Weight Loss

Crash Diet Plans and Other Myths

Crash diet plans, the  three day diet plan,  along with other quick fix diets unfortunately will always be sold to us.  There are going to be unscrupulous individuals that look to make money on some new scheme, and then it goes out of style and something else comes along. If they worked they wouldn’t come and go so quickly, but they never do work long-term.

crash diet plansWhat we must look for to lose weight over the long term is a good diet and exercise program (Read more about it on the site). Perhaps we should think about it as not to always be committed to some diet, but of changing our way of life.  Living healthy yields so many psychological as well as physical benefits, but it doesn’t only happen at the dinner table.  It’s a way of thinking and acting with everything we do, and those are the thoughts we will try to leave our readers on these posts.

Why Crash Diet Plans Never Work Long-Term

With the over hyped ads on miracle products, some come with a bit of truth.  One of the latest examples of a product that seems to have advertisements everywhere is the acai berry products.  They promise major weight loss in thirty days, and all with just one little pill.

Now we know that the acai berry as a food is high in antioxidants, good fats as well as healthy fiber.  As compared to other berries it is similar in health benefits, and as part of your overall diet plan it’s great.  But a pill from the extract of one berry is not going to knock the pounds off, as the advertisements guarantee.  It would be nice if there were such a product, but hope won’t make it so.

So If Crash Diet Plans Don’t Work, What Does Work?

Why Diets Fail Us!: The Skinny on Weight Loss

Why Diets Fail Us!: The Skinny on Weight Loss

There are legitimate ways to lose weight, but they take discipline, some physical activity, and time and patience.  Getting into cooking your own meals can be fun, and rewarding.  You will have to understand ingredient labels, and do some research.  If you don’t have time to cook and are okay with leftovers, and for most dishes the quality does diminish on the second day, try cooking enough food for more than one day and put it in storage.

If you do love to cook or want to get into cooking, we would like to introduce you to foods from the Mediterranean.  They are foods based on ways of preparing delicious food in the most healthy ways, which is the Mediterranean way.  You will find some great ideas on this outstanding way of cooking, and as we noted earlier it is best not to get into a diet plan but a total healthy lifestyle.

Meals delivered to your door are another answer. For under $20 a day you can have the experts prepare and deliver three delicious meals a day.  All you have to do is choose a plan and start enjoying.  If your gone for a period of time, the service can be temporarily discontinued, and pick it up again upon your return.



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Take The Confusion Out Of Healthy Eating

Take The Confusion Out Of Healthy Eating

Nutrition is all around us. The concept of nutrition encompasses an array of foods, beverages, and supplements, in addition to the ways the nutrients contained within them interact with your body. Everyone wants some thing slightly various in terms of nutrition, so selecting an off-the-shelf product that works for you can be a bit difficult. Read on for ways to take the confusion out of healthy eating.


Are you trying to get your nutrition by drinking delicious fruit smoothies – all you need is really a blender! You are able to cut out unhealthy ice cream and use the smoothies as a substitute. Cravings for ice cream can often be happy with a fresh fruit smoothie or yogurt with fruit chunks.  Just be careful about the amount of sugar you add.

You Always Must be Aware of the Quantities You Eat

Even if you’re consuming foods that are included in a, don’t think that this implies you’ll be able to eat significantly larger portions. Portion size is really a key variable that determine whether you lose weight or not. Overeating can lead to a lot of excess calories.

Drinking plenty of water will be the most common, and important tip to remember as you’re working to remain healthy. Because the human body is produced primarily of water, it is essential that you simply remain hydrated. Generally speaking, most people should attempt to drink a minimal of eight glasses of water each single day.

Other Ways to Cut Pounds

1.  Breakfast.  Each and every healthy diet plan includes a breakfast. Breakfast is very important since it boosts your metabolism, and provides you the nutrients and energy you need to start your day.


2.  Reducing sugar intake.  A single aspect of healthy consuming is sugar reduction. Some people assume that drinking fruit juice is really a great replacement for soda. This can be often a misconception because many fruit juices have higher amounts of sugar then the sodas. So you usually want to be aware from the sugar content from the drinks you consume.

3.  Eat turkey instead of beef.  If you switch beef for ground turkey, your health will benefit, even though the taste could not. You can keep ground turkey good and juicy by cooking it with onions and olive oil. This way you will be consuming much less fat through your meat but nonetheless acquiring an excellent taste.

4.  Eat fresh fruit rather than fruit juice.  Pick fresh fruit more than fruit juice. Fresh fruits contain natural sugars where fruit juices typically have added sweeteners. Fresh fruit is usually the far better choice since it is loaded with fiber, vitamins and crucial minerals that function to avoid strokes, in addition to other cardiovascular and chronic ailments.

5.  Avoid high-fat dairy.  Find substitutes for your high-fat dairy ingredients. Use dairy foods with fewer calories and much less fat as opposed to the high-calorie, high-fat dairy items. Think about options, like generating dips with unflavored yogurt, instead of the regular sour cream recipes.  As opposed to cream cheese, you’ll be able to use ricotta cheese in most recipes. Switching these dairy items for their lower calorie substitute will supply you great taste and lower calories.





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Shedding Pounds: Unusual Stuff That Really Work

5 Factors for Weight Loss You May Not have Considered

You have probably been told all sorts of things regarding what works for shedding pounds. Different things apparently work for different people, and it is not easy to know what you can rely on and what approaches are a waste of time. Here are a few easy methods to lose weight that could seem odd in the beginning, but they are solid tips to assist you to start finally slimming down.

Five Tips for Shedding Pounds

1. Get more sleep. Research shows that people who deprive themselves of the adequate amount of sleep are also more prone to weigh more. That’s because sleep is when your body recharges itself, and in fact is the time when a lot of fat burning takes place. You cut that burning process short when you jolt yourself from sleep. Try and go to sleep just a little sooner to be able to obtain the right amount of rest to encourage the proper fat burning functions.


2. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. You have probably heard that before, but there are sound reasons for it. Drinking water speeds up your metabolic process by eliminating harmful toxins as well as helping your cells to keep functioning properly. Detoxing your body is likewise essential for the liver to perform appropriately. The liver does actually have a significant impact on how much we weigh and how easily we could lose fat.  (Read more in Lots of people have a very hard time losing weight regardless of eating right and working out, and in their case the liver may be the root of the issue. To understand more about the liver as well as weight loss, check out The Fat Loss Factor Program.

3. Consume smaller meals during the day. If you are like lots of people, you had been taught to eat three large daily meals. However, it is really easy to get very, very hungry between meals. Therefore, rather than starving for hours, simply use modest amounts for your multiple meals. This way, you don’t find yourself getting extremely hungry; you’ll be able to therefore not be worried about eating junk foods.


4. You don’t have to do exercise if you don’t want to do. You won’t have to spend lots of time at the gym to shed pounds. Just be active. Should you begin playing tennis, take up salsa dancing, or go on long nature outdoor hikes, all those things can help you burn fat. There are plenty of things you can do that offer physical motion that there is surely something you’ll find that helps.

5. Give yourself a cheat day. Psychology is where you win the actual battle with reducing weight, and one of the things you can do is to not refuse yourself each day. Eat sensibly as frequently as you can, but give yourself a day where you don’t have to think of calories. Be sure not to look at the scale the next morning!

After reading these pointers, you can finally begin dropping those extra inches. Make use of what you have learned and apply the guidelines to your life and ultimately shed the excess weight. In addition, be sure to watch this The Fat Loss Factor Program review.




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